ERICBOYDBLOG IS FOLLOWING ME. BY IS FOLLOWING ME I MEAN HAS BEEN FOR SOME TIME. HOW WAS I NOT AWARE OF THIS. Dear followers, let me tell you: Eric Boyd has a beautifully literary mind. He writes prose and short stories and poems (probably more but I don’t want to make false statements). I was perusing the poetry tag when I found this guy. He writes these 6 word poems based on asks from his followers which just make me wish I could have lunch with him to see how his mind works. I came for the 6 word poems, which intrigued me, and stayed for all of the writing. His short stories are good, and his prose is good, too. Sometimes he even posts an audio clip of himself reading his work and this guy sounds like he’s from, like, the 1920s! At least it does to me, his voice was so cool to listen to when I heard him read the first time. I feel like when people are saying “senpai has noticed me” because senpai has indeed, noticed me. Now, go check out ericboydblog.tumblr.com because he rocks and you won’t regret it!